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From The Desk Of: 

Jason Perriman

RE: Your Automatic Cash Generating System

From The Desk Of: Jason Perriman
RE: Your Automatic Cash Generating System

Welcome! I'm glad you're here! Read every single word on this page. 

You're about to discover exactly how my team developed a powerful, secret cash-printing system that’s made earning a staggering income online as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

This simple and little-known, but powerful method is about to transform the financial lives of just 50 lucky people in as little as 24 hours.

You could be one of them but you must qualify

We Require NO EXPERIENCE and an internet connection. You'll be on your way to as high as a THOUSAND dollars in a single day with just 15 to 20 minutes of "work".

Read for yourself how it’s impacting the lives of others and see if you qualify! 

My Team Needs Beta Testers.
My Team Needs
Beta Testers.
Are you fed-up with all the so-called online earning programs online?

They always mislead you, make big promises but failed to deliver even a cent...

We know, it's frustrating at best, and financially devastating at worst. 

It's not your fault.

Making money online can be really difficult. 
That’s why I directed my software team to develop a commission program that makes things A LOT EASIER.

I told them to develop a program that gives ANYONE a REAL CHANCE of making online income.

I gave them 6 things that absolutely MUST be included before I let anyone use my system to make money.
I told my team to develop a system that:
1. Anyone can use, but more importantly,

2. I wanted it all to be done with NO HARD WORK NEEDED.

3. It must NOT require any additional fees like software billing, HOSTING COSTS or DOMAIN FEES, unlike most "make money online" programs.

4. I wanted it to be so SIMPLE that my grandmother could set it up within 10 minutes.

5. I wanted all the content to be generated AUTOMATICALLY with point and click setup.

and last but not least.

6. I wanted it to be able to generate commissions, just by copying and pasting


The #1 Easiest Way To Make Money Online. 

I'm proud to say that over the last 12 months, we've developed a program that delivers a real, commission generating business for you. 

Yes that’s right.  We did it.
My team hit all 6 benchmarks so people like you can get started earning an income online with just a few clicks.
But this is NOT YET AVAILABLE to the public.

Someone invited you to this page, so I have some great news for you.

My company needs just a few more entries to our system before we release it to the public.

If you're interested in becoming one of the few beta testers, read the rest of this website CAREFULLY!

Beta tester jobs are easy, and can be started in under 15 minutes.

Once you're in:

It's as easy as
1. Click, 2. Build, 3. Collect...

But you must first qualify...
Would You Like To Earn Money Like This?
all in an effort to prove our system works as I imagined it would.

At first, I was going to run a pre-test for a group of a few lucky individuals...

Then once I saw the astonishing results I was having with it...

and how fast money was coming in...

I decided to open it up right away to what I call my Beta Testers. 
All Beta Testers need to do is Copy and Paste!

Before I Release This Fully To The Public....

We Need Beta Testers! 

Now that the alpha testing stage is complete, It's time to move to the next level! 

Beta Testing

Beta testing is the 2nd stage of any software before it gets released to the public. 

All we need is about 50 more people with no experience to follow our instructions, and prove that this system can be released to the masses. 

Once the beta testing phase is complete, We will then make our system available to the public! 

Since someone invited you to view this page, you should consider yourself to be very lucky. 

If you're still reading this page, that means there's at least 1 beta tester spot left... 

So long as you qualify, you can join our team! 
Here's Why Our Beta Tester Program Is Perfect For Anyone
  •  Ability to potentially make thousands Per Month.
  • ​ You can start earning faster than ever before.
  •  Work Part Time Type Hours.
  • ​ Work from home online.
  • ​ You get guaranteed on-going work.
  • ​ Earn with us permanently for as long as you wish.
  • ​ Step by step instructions built for a newbie to understand. 
  •  ​We provide 365 days a year of support and assistance.
  •  Get paid via direct deposit/ACH
  •  Ability to make a of $3000+ Per Month Effortlessly.
  • You can start earning in under 15 minutes from joining.
  •  Work Part Time - Spent a Few Minutes a Day Checking numbers. 
  • Work from home online - no need to leave your home or travel.
  • ​ You get guaranteed on-going work.
  • Earn with us permanently for as long as you wish.
  • ​ The work is simple and easy.
  • No capital or experience required as we provide full step-by-step instruction.
  •  ​We provide 24/7 support and assistance.
  •  Get paid via direct deposit/ACH
This Is What The Beta Tester Position Entails:
  • STEP 2: Login to your member area select the look at feel of your system.
  • STEP 3: Paste your user ID into the software.
  • ​STEP 4: Click "Build" and your system will automatically be setup. 
  • ​STEP 5: Follow some simple instruction and watch your commissions grow. 
  • ​STEP 6: Report Commissions earned, and Leave a Testimonial.
You Can Be Rest Assured:
The Beta Tester Position Does NOT Involve:
  •  You do NOT have to sell anything to anyone.
  • You do NOT have to advertise anywhere.
  • ​ You do NOT have to do anything illegal.
  • ​ You do NOT have to refer anyone.
  • ​ You do NOT have to talk to anyone or deal with emails.
  • ​ You do NOT need to get a website or domain name.
 Our Staff Can Only Accommodate a Certain Number of People.
Once This Fills Up We Can NO Longer Accept New Testers!
Due to the effectiveness of this program, there will be a great demand.

There is limited space, so please hurry to guarantee your place. 

If you hesitate joining our beta tester team there's a chance you could miss out. 

START NOW: You Can Be Earning Money In The Next 15 Minutes! 
How To Qualify
  • You MUST: Be a U.S. Or Canadian Citizen - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • You MUST: Fill In The Private Registration - Fill In The Form Below
  • You MUST: Submit $47 One Time Activation Investment - This is to cover the costs of your lightning fast servers, and our customer service representatives. After the beta testing period we predict the price of this will increase to $1,997.
Positions Are Limited

Beta Tester Application

  1. What's Your First Name? 

  2. What's Your Email Address? 

This Is Where We Will Send Your Approval

*$47 One Time Activation Investment Required

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed!

  Privacy Guaranteed - We Value Your Privacy & Never Sell Private Information

You MUST Act Quickly...

We only have room for a few more beta testers. 

Our servers can only handle a limited number of clients.

We are close to the limit and this offer can be removed at any time! 

You'll Be Taken To Our Private Application

P.S. - If You Scrolled To The Bottom Just To See The Price, Here Is a Quick Break Down Of What You Get:
  • Instant Access To Our Beta Tester Position
  • ​Instant Access To The Commission Site Builder
  • Ability To Start Earning Money Today
  • Get Paid For Your Work
  • ​No Experience Required
  • ​No Website or Hosting Required


You'll Be Taken To Our Private Application

*$47 One Time Activation Investment Required

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed!

You Could Log in Tomorrow and
Have an Account Like This:
If you leave this page I guarantee someone else will take your spot...

forcing you to work at your dead end job for the rest of your life.
They will be enjoying the life of your dreams. 

Don't get caught wasting your life working for peanuts. 

Click Here To Apply Now

Don't Wait. Do it now. 
P.S. - My tech team expects to get overloaded with beta tester registrants pretty quickly.

I am trying to get them to keep it open as long as possible. 

*$47 One Time Activation Investment Required

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed!

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